Hey lovely! If you are looking to save a little moolah on your MamaSaurus purchase you can use one these REP codes below to do so, whicever rep code you choose also helps that rep score some MamaSaurus pretties as well! 

BREEZY - Bre Fritsch

BABYBIRD - Jennifer Sutton

GAMERMOM - Megan Fillner

ROYLE - Jess Royle

RUFFLE - Katie Bowles

SUNFLOWER - Michelle Gifford

TWIDDY - Megan Twiddy

UNICORN - Paige Leonard

You can also use these build your own bundle codes to save on purchases of certain amounts so you don't have to wait for a bundle dealio... just make your own! Mention a REP from above in the notes if you'd like and they get credit too!

SPEND20 - Save 10% on purchases over $20!

SPEND50 - Save 25% on purchases over $50! 

SPEND100 - Save 35% on purchases over $100!

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